Lucid Talisman Skills

LTThe Lucid Talisman is a reality check that fits in your pocket, but how can you integrate it with your lucid dreaming practices?

Below are articles I’ve written focusing on key lucid dreaming skills for beginners and advanced dreamers alike.

What is lucid dreaming? My introduction to LDing, including what it is, how to apply it, and several key practices for inducing lucidity.

Prerequisite #1: Keeping a Dream Journal. No doubt about it, dream journalling is the most effective technique for increasing dream recall, which is essential to going lucid in your dreams.

Prerequisite #2: Get enough sleep and start taking naps. Sometimes, lucid dreaming can involve breaking up your sleep. But before you do that, you have to not be sleep deprived in the first place.

Prerequisite #3: Take control of your digital life because it is probably wrecking your sleep. Our cellphones and tablets are a serious sleep stealer. Here’s how to recover your bedroom sanctuary.

The 6 best scientifically-tested techniques for lucid dreaming. These are the tactics we actually have data about… you might be surprised which ones made the cut!

3 myths about lucid dreaming. This is my classic rant about how lucid dreaming is portrayed in the media as a pleasure cruise through CandyLand.

5 ancient sleep practices that boost lucid dreaming. If you have a Lucid Talisman, you will probably be interested in these other ancient sleep practices.

The secret posture for inducing lucid dreams. How you fall asleep is an important key to triggering the parts of the brain to stay alert when dreaming AND for inducing out-of-body experiences.

Use headphones? Try binaural beats. This article discusses the science of brain entrainment for relaxation before going to sleep and for lucid dreaming, and is particularly suited for those who already regularly fall asleep with headphones.

The Lucid Dreaming pill. I review the evidence for galantamine for inducing lucid dreaming, and also discuss the limits of the supplement approach as well as contraindications for this nootropic.

Strategy versus tactics. Many people get overwhelmed when trying to induce lucid dreaming because they try too much all at once.  Here’s my take on developing a strategy that is sustainable and effective.